The NF Contreplaqué EXTERIEUR CTB-X mark, certified performance


The NF Contreplaqué EXTERIEUR CTB-X mark, certified performance

NF Contreplaqué EXTERIEUR CTB-X is an AFNOR certification enforced by the FCBA Institute.
The NF Contreplaqué EXTERIEUR CTB-X certification mark certifies that the plywood carrying the mark complies with requirements that are stricter or as strict as the specifications for exterior applications defined in standard NF EN 636-3.

This certification mark provides the user with a guarantee as to the objectivity of the performance figures supplied by the manufacturer. Indeed, the FCBA’s Certification and Quality Department oversees the controls performed in the factory by the manufacturer and checks the performance of the products using samples taken from the production site.

Plywood carrying the NF Contreplaqué EXTERIEUR CTB-X certification mark is intended for highly demanding applications. Its use is recommended in the following contexts, in particular :

  • Humid interior environments (bathrooms, flooring, roller shutter boxes)
  • Sheltered exterior environments (roof substrates, roof overhangs, bracing elements)
  • Exposed exterior environments (cladding, fascia boards, façades, exterior joinery)
  • Boat building / Marine applications

For cladding and marine plywood, the certification framework sets out specific requirements that supplement the basic requirements.
2013 saw the creation of the « NF Contreplaqué EXTERIEUR CTB-X Bardage » and « NF Contreplaqué EXTERIEUR CTB-X Marine » marks, so as to differentiate these types of plywood , which comply with the stricter requirements inherent to these applications, from the multi-purpose exterior plywood covered by NF Contreplaqué EXTERIEUR CTB-X.
All types of plywood must be stored in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations and installed as per their instructions, the DTUs and the standard practices applicable in each particular case.

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