Finishes and films: for more specific uses


Contreplaqué de peuplier - Photo : Drouin

Contreplaqué de peuplier – Photo : Drouin

The surface of raw plywood is unfinished.In this simple form, it can be used universally. It has countless uses, from construction and children’s play areas, to industrial applications.

It is the responsibility of the fitter or the user to familiarise themselves with the recommendations or rules to follow when working with plywood and to apply the correct finish depending on where the panels will be used. Raw plywood can obviously be painted or varnished (with a brush, roller or spray gun).

Plywood can be used in:

  • Construction, for interior use in « dry » or « humid » conditions (Classes 1 and 2): it can be used with no additional treatment, on condition that it is installed correctly.
  • Construction, for exterior applications (class 3): the panels must be treated. Painted plywood is available for this type of application
  • Crates and packaging
  • Furniture and interior fittings
  • Children’s toys, games and outdoor play areas