Controls and guarantees


Production controls

In addition to certain technical characteristics, the certification framework also requires production controls to be performed (by the manufacturer), thus providing the user with a guarantee that the plywood complies with the claimed characteristics. The manufacturer must be able to prove the validity of this quality management system. The certification framework requires the following controls :

  • Continuous monitoring of the species used and the quality of the veneers
  • Regular dimensional tolerance checks on the finished product (frequency defined in standard NF EN 636)
  • Elastic modulus and flexural strength tests
  • Formaldehyde content monitoring: class E1

Quality guarantee

These control systems, together with their verification and validation by an independent third-party organisation, add real value to the NF Extérieur CTB-X mark. Indeed, this certification means that users have access to products that meet stringent requirements and whose characteristics have been checked and certified.

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The NF Contreplaqué EXTERIEUR CTB-X markCertification framework