Plywood panels boast a mechanical performance/weight ratio that makes them ideal for structural applications, in either vertical or horizontal positions.

A wood-like appearance

Plywood has great aesthetic appeal. It is the only type of panel to resemble solid wood. Its edges are somewhat graphical in appearance due to the use of multiple plies, which also helps to set this type of panel apart.

Sanitary quality

Plywood is also an effective solution when it comes to maintaining air quality, thanks to the availability of interior panels that meet the E1 standard (very low formaldehyde emissions) and carry the A+ label (very low VOC emissions).

Plywood for exterior applications

When installed correctly (in strict accordance with DTU building codes and manufacturer recommendations) and protected by the right finish, plywood certified to NF Contreplaqué EXTERIEUR CTB-X (lien) standard is the type of panel best suited to exterior use.

XXL panels

Plywood panels can be produced in extremely large dimensions, far larger than you would believe could be obtained from a tree.

Dimensional stability

Plywood’s cross-grain construction is behind its excellent dimensional stability, which is greater than that of other wood-based panels. Moreover, its laminated structure makes plywood more homogeneous, notably because flaws in the wood used in its manufacture are either eliminated or evenly spread.

Mechanical characteristics

Plywood is genuinely superior to other types of panel in terms of flexural strength.

Climate change

Through long-term use, plywood panels play an active role in carbon storage.


Plywood’s ability to withstand tough conditions (particularly its capacity to retain its mechanical properties even when temporarily exposed to humidity) means that it offers greater longevity than other wood-based products.

Good machinability

Not only is plywood a solid, lightweight and flexible material, it is also easy to machine.Moulding, bending, varnishing, cutting… because plywood can take a wide variety of forms, it is able to fulfil requirements in numerous fields, including the boating industry, the design world and the packaging sector.